Tips from our University Writing Lecture, Today!

Nov 11, 2012


Today in the Astor & Ivy cafe, we held a lecture on how to write a coherent, strong, and powerful essay. Whether the essay is an academic research paper, or a personal statement for application to a university or program abroad, certain rules should be followed. The following points were covered:

1. Before starting an essay, one should write an OUTLINE.

                An outline is like a skeleton for your essay, to be broken down into-

               an INTRODUCTION (The head, from which the ideas are formed, and the first thing that greets the reader)

               the BODY (On which the ideas are supported and confirmed, connected by a strong "spine")

               a CONCLUSION (On which the whole essay is carried, and strongly rooted, to prove clearly that the point has been made)


2. The INTRODUCTION serves to establish the preliminary points of the essay, and to create a thesis, and a central idea that you wish to build on.

3. The BODY - made up of anywhere from 2-30 paragraphs - is the "meat" of the essay, and each paragraph should seek to provide details that prove the ideas or thesis made in the INTRODUCTION.

          Each paragraph in the body should begin with a TOPIC SENTENCE!

4. The CONCLUSION, which is like the sister paragraph to the introduction, and serves to confirm that the point has been made, the facts have been proven. This is the final part of the essay, and should be the clearest and strongest, to leave a lasting impression.

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